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Too Dumb Or Not Too Dumb...

So, what to expect from this blog?

One just as to spend a few minutes watching random YouTube videos to realise the prevalence of unscientific nonsense, which is being peddled as advice these days. While similar wisdoms were probably always available at the local pub or at any random gossip session, they are now in your face and available for mass consumption.

If this is the kind of information that you're after, then stop reading.

Jessica began to suspect that her bedroom was haunted by ghosts of the intellectual variety.

Something else (besides a healthy lifestyle philosophy), which has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks is the scientific method. If one chooses to actively search, it is obvious that there are very few things that have not been scientifically studied. The fact that the results are sometimes difficult to interpret or that they go against the popular narrative may make them confusing or difficult to digest, but it definitely does not make them any less relevant.

Bear in mind that making up something based on anecdotal evidence (which may be true, but has deftly not been proven to be true) is a hell of a lot easier than painstakingly researching something and then attempting to confirm one's hypothesis, always aware that the true results should speak for themselves and that opinions do not matter.

Sometimes... No, always, it is easier to pop a pill and then to bask in the satisfaction that one is doing something to help oneself (trying to ignore the fact that this bill was probably marketed with someone like you in mind for exactly that reason - an advertising strategy that is based on a scientific study of the consumer base, rather than on the efficacy of the actual product). The most effective intervention is almost always far more nuanced and unfortunately always requires significantly more dedication and hard work. Luckily, the choice of what to do is entirely yours.

Despite being confronted with overwhelming evidence, the grapefruit vehemently denied selling off it's better half for parts.

All I can do is assure you that any advice dispensed on this blog will be based on good scientific evidence, published in reputable journals. The references will be included, so that you can check it yourself, if you like. What is more, the recommendations are ones that I have adopted for myself and my loved ones.

Keep getting healthy!

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