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Groin Pain While Cycling - Check Your Settings!

Updated: May 13, 2021

Hip pain with cycling is a common irritation. Judging by this week's weather in CT, winter is most definitely on the way. Many cyclists will be moving indoors and doing some training on exercise bikes for the next few months to keep the fitne

ss levels up. Here is my weekly do-it-yourself tip for those of you who are struggling to keep up with your mates on Strava -, or (God forbid!) are consistently lagging at the back of the pack because of your annoying groin pain.

Fred began getting suspicious that the weight distribution of his new bike might be a little off.

While hip pain while cycling can obviously be due to many causes, one of the most common things in active middle-aged people is early degeneration of the hip joint with impingement of bone against cartilage in flexion. This doesn't mean that you necessarily need any surgery, however, with respect to your cycling, you should think about setting your seat slightly higher. This may not be great for your overall set up when you're out on the trails, however it's easy to tolerate and sort out with a stationary bike at home during the winter months.

The best exercise is always one that doesn't cause any specific pain, so if you can avoid your groin pain at least part of the time by making these easy changes, then you will be doing yourself some good.

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