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In-rooms consultations are back to normal (with COVID precautions).


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Specialist Fields



Groin pain with activity may be a sign of hip arthritis.



Every menopausal woman should have a baseline bone scan with 5-yearly repeat scans.



Knee pain with deep squatting may be due to a meniscal tear or early arthritis.

Joint Replacement


Problematic hip- and knee replacements are often treatable.



Carpal tunnell and tendon entrapment are often misdiagnosed and can be easily treated.

Hip / Knee Fractures

Groin pain with inability to walk normally after a fall is likely due to a fracture which will not heal without treatment.

I am a hip- and knee replacement and reconstruction specialist. The bulk of the practice's work consists of treatment of hip- and knee arthritis, as well as meniscal tears and ligament injuries of the knee.


Hip and knee surgery for fractures is also commonly required. This goes hand-in-hand with osteoporosis investigation and treatment.


I have an interest in hand surgery (specifically carpal tunnell and tendon entrapment).


Should i grin and bear it?

In these unusual times, it is easy to forget that people continue to suffer from orthopaedic problems which may worsen significantly without the correct diagnosis and treatment.

If you are suffering from hip / knee or hand problems, please do not hesitate to book a consultation in the rooms. We have made it safe for you.

Patients at risk for COVID-19 or with active disease are not seen until they have tested negative.

The waiting room set-up allows adequate social distancing for patients. Bookings have been spread out so as to ensure minimal patient numbers in the waiting room at any time.

The rooms are sterilised daily in accordance with WHO standards. Surfaces are disinfected between consultations.

Cape Radiology provides a fast-transit service with no waiting time for orthopaedic patients, with an X-ray room reserved for our practice patients to eliminate exposure.

All surgical patients are tested for COVID-19. If they test positive, the surgery is delayed until they become negative. In cases of emergency surgery, the patient is managed in a COVID operating theatre and isolated in a COVID ward.

Surgery is going ahead in a non-COVID operating theatre. the practice has a whole-day list, so no other patients will enter the theatre on that day.

Maximum precautions are in place with respect to theatre sterility and cleaning, surgery and anaesthetics to eliminate patient risk.

What this means is that your risk of contracting COVID-19 from orthopaedic treatment at Cape Joint Surgery is negligibly small.

Treatment is possible!


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Hips, Knees and Hands

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